On the road to Nebraska

Nebraska, a new film by Alexander Payne, has just been released in UK cinemas. For those acquainted with Payne’s body of work, which consists mostly of rather commercial productions, such[ . . . ]

Mark Lanegan

Playing Solitaire. Mark Lanegan at the Union Chapel

So much has been happening in London in the last few weeks that it would be virtually impossible to register it all. There was the London Film Festival, then the[ . . . ]


Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are

Hello again! It’s been a while since my last post. If some of you wondered why I kept silent for so many weeks, the reason was my long-planned removal to[ . . . ]


Spring in Music: Records not to be missed

The last few weeks brought two important musical releases. The first one comes from the prolific guitarist and pioneer of the NYC new-wave scene, Thurston Moore, a legend in his[ . . . ]


Lighting candles in a daze

It has been exactly 19 years since Kurt Cobain, one of the most influential musicians of the modern era, committed suicide. To many music lovers all over the world 5th[ . . . ]


Human factor

That Dave Grohl, the drummer of Nirvana and frontman of Foo Fighters, is a restless creature is no news. “I am busy but sleep is overrated. You know, I have so much energy and I don’t even do[ . . . ]


A piece of theatre on screen

Broken, the cinematographic debut by Rufus Norris, British theatre director best known for his acclaimed stage adaptation of Festen, has just been released in the UK and Irish cinemas. It is a picture[ . . . ]