The concept behind Tracks & Frames is to introduce you to films and music off the beaten path. If Robert Altman, Paul Thomas Anderson, Todd Haynes, Stanley Kubrick, Akira Kurosawa, Christopher Nolan or Yasujiro Ozu are some of your touchstones in the world of film, and the musical output of Nirvana, Wipers, Fugazi, Slint, The Jesus Lizard and their likes makes your heart beat a little faster, this corner of the web should give you a simultaneously comforting and exciting feeling of a home away from home. As I keep a watchful eye on current releases and explore the attractively shady nooks of the UK music scene, you can spare yourself the cost and effort of sorting the wheat from the chaff and instead focus all your energy on enjoying my most precious findings. Hopefully, it comes rather handy. I would certainly be pleased if it does, so if you feel like letting me know, leave a comment and/or share whatever strikes your fancy. If you would like to submit music for review, please contact me via Tracks & Frames page on Facebook.


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